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Hospitality Business Strategies conducts customized and comprehensive Market Research Study and Analysis consulting projects to identify directions, new business models, direct and indirect Web distribution models and trends in hotel online distribution, which greatly assist the hotel brand in setting its strategy for the future.

We provide hoteliers and travel executives with expert advice, concrete recommendations, and sensible solutions that are clearly defined and priced. We provide solutions and answers to critical Internet-related issues and questions, crucial for the very existence of your hotel or travel company, with reasonably-priced and highly effective internet consultant

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Global Distribution System

 The Internet – The Ultimate Direct Distribution

5 major GDS companies; Sabre, Amadeus, Galileo, Apollo and Worldspan.

 The direct-to-consumer distribution model should become the foundation, the centerpiece of any hotel company’s online distribution strategy. Why? First of all, the Internet is the ultimate “Direct Distribution”. Why direct distribution is so important? It provides the hotel with long-term competitive advantages and lessens dependence on intermediaries, discounters or traditional channels that are about to become obsolete.

 Direct-to-consumer online distribution has the following benefits:

  • Puts the hotel in control of its Internet presence and exposure
  • Prevents brand and price erosion
  • Is the shortest path to establishing interactive relationships with customers
  • Provides long-term opportunities to benefit from the lifetime customer value
  • Is the least expensive way to distribute hotel inventory--direct to consumer!

 Direct online distribution is not just a theoretical, “ideal scenario” approach. Many surveys show that online customers prefer dealing directly with the travel suppliers, including hotels, when purchasing travel online.

 We are providing access to the international community of travel agents who manage both leisure and corporate traveler booking for their clients. These travel agents predominately process their booking via the GDS networks.

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